2013: A New Year

Here are some photos from Christmas 2012-January 2013. I’ve been soooooo busy. Ned and I drove from Oakland all the way up to Seattle, WA for the holidays. It was an 800 mile journey. Folsom came with us and got to see both snow and sliding glass doors for the first time. We used AirBnB for our road trip accomodations and we were really, really thrilled. I would so much rather share my money with an individual than some shitty chain hotel company. It’s a fun way to get to know people AND we were also happy to meet people who didn’t mind our very energetic and enthusiastic mastiff/lab in their homes. Have I told you all lately how much I LOVE peer to peer interfaces and software?

I also joined the Psychedelic Society SF for a mushroom hunt. We learned about all kinds of mushrooms growing in Golden Gate Park. Some were tasty, tasty edibles for snacks, some were medicinal, and there were even some psychedelic mushrooms. FYI, we did not pick any mushrooms that are illegal for consumption or picking, FYI (you lousy narcos). It’s been really cool to learn about mycology and it was really cool to learn from Alan Rockefeller who actually has a Golden Gate Park specific species of mushroom named after him. He’s a great teacher, a lover of all the fungi, and a serious brain with lots of good thinks. He’s a great teacher and I totally loved trekking with him and I hope to do so again soon.

We did a quick trip to Portland to grab lunch and visit record stores and rack supply shops. I was never a “horse girl” but I come from some western style riding stock on my Mom’s side of the family. I don’t know a thing about English style riding. I don’t have any riding clothes. I’m a California girl so in my book, horses are for tearing ass through a field or for sauntering across the beach. I haven’t been up on a horse in YEARS and I miss it. I’m sad that I can’t just rent a horse without a trail guide any more. If anyone near the Bay Area knows a way I can trade or work something out to enjoy a day ride without an insurance liability babysitter, let me know! I have both porn and poetry!

The holidays were a really, really, really stressful time. There was a lot of despair in 2012. A had several friends dealing with suicidality and attempts, one of whom had a very serious attempt that resulted in involuntary care at SF General. I haven’t visited a locked psych ward in awhile. I’m always sad at the way we forever turn places of healing into places of convenience for money holders. It seems second nature to me that mental health care must include good light, good food, and room to exercise the body. These are the easy things to take care of because the patience and compassion are the hard part. Shitty fluorescent light, processed food in plastic, cramped space, and a lack of color are not conducive to the early steps of getting better. On top of that, these places scare the shit out of me. But if you ever have a friend who is undergoing involuntary mental health care, PLEASE go visit them. No matter how hard it might be for you, it’s harder for them. Go see your friends and loved ones, don’t let your own anxieties and fears keep you away.

I’ve had a 5 year long tradition of getting chicken and waffles for the New Year. I’m from Pasadena, CA natively so New Years has meant the Rose Parade. This is a new tradition that has replaced that for me. I’ve also decided to break up with alcohol. I’ve been pretty damn dry since fall but I would still enjoy a tasty bourbon or a glass of wine. Little by little, I’ve just learned that it isn’t something I really enjoy. I never had a drinking problem, it was just a relationship that wasn’t doing much for me. I’m sure I’ll still see booze every now and again (it was a very friendly breakup) but I’m pretty happy with other options that don’t make me feel bad. There was no hangover for me on New Years Day and I had a mimosa without the champagne. There was nothing weird at all to me about toasting to a new year with a glass of fresh juice rather than booze.

Ned and I did make some fun porn. We have a whole list of posts coming up for Meet The Mayhems and we have been totally busy with our crazy friends dying or being overwhelmed with life. It’s nice to get back to work on one of our favorite fun projects. We’re finally making enough money to buy newer equipment. Everything we make has been done with resources we already had. We didn’t invest money, we put in our time on every single element of the work. We learned to film, edit, and build porn software. There’s so many steps! But we’re still making our erotic art and we’re thrilled to say it’s getting better and better. Our learning curve is evident and rather than be embarrassed of where we started with a broken, discarded video camera that we repaired together without lights or any film training to speak of at all, we’re proud! Look how far we came doing it together! 

We also had a “staycation” to Port Costa, CA. It’s TINY! There is but on hotel, one restaurant, and one bar and grill. The hotel cafe is only open on weekends and serves just coffee, pound cake, and corn bread. All are fresh and delicious. The local architecture looks as though it stopped in time and then got all kinds of quirky  This town is a tide pool that was left when the oceans of progress pulled away and all the critters left behind had enough water to form their own little culture. The Burlington Hotel is a mix of a Victorian brothel and very cheap and tacky 70s making it delightful. All of the rooms are named after the whores who worked them, the staff is super friendly, and if you’re in a cheap room you’ll share the common bathrooms and get to know the strange people who visit. You’re also bound too see the many motorcycle clubs that come through town to enjoy a drink at the Warehouse Cafe Bar.

If you’re a fan of Bawdy Storytelling, then you know that I make a lot of very last minute appearances on that stage. I love getting up at Bawdy! I don’t always have the opportunity to promote my appearances there because I get up when the spirit moves me. I just got my annual pass so I can see other storytellers and practice my trade by watching others. Come on out and see the show that San Francisco loves the most. It’s got the dirtiest and most uplifting stories you’ll ever hear.


January 28, 2013 · 1:36 pm

2 responses to “2013: A New Year

  1. wish you a good year ahead in 2013

  2. Chicken and waffles? Do those go together?

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